Rayon de Lune Pinot Gris "Rayon de Lune"

Between 8° and 10°C
Pinot gris
75 cl

Getting to know our Pinot Gris "Rayon de Lune"

Cuvée "Rayon de Lune" is inspired by the history of Bennwihr and its villagers, nicknamed the "moon chasers" since medieval times on account of their insatiable thirst for freedom. The winemakers of BESTHEIM drew inspiration from the Moon in crafting this wine, presented in exclusive blue bottles.

Tasting notes

A resplendent golden robe. Fresh, crisp nose with rich undergrowth aromas and a delicious hint of hazelnut. Smooth and seductive, what impresses most about this wine is the precision of its aromas and the balance of freshness and substance on the palate.

The Pinot Gris is allowed to reveal its characteristic opulence and array of flavours. Structured, well-rounded and long on the palate, with complex undergrowth notes and a certain subtle smokiness.

Food-wine pairings

Pinot Gris "Rayon de Lune" is a perfect match for pies and terrines, and also a great accompaniment for white meats. Try it with a classic blanquette de veau.

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