Which wine with meats?
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Which wine with meats?

Which wine to taste with meat? We guide you by giving you some advices of food & wine pairing with meat. Whandher white, red, raw or cooked, each meat can be matched with its wine. In these agreements, it will of course be necessary to take into account the garnish and the sauce that will be served.

Which wine with red meat?

When we talk about red meat we refer to beef, duck and game (wild boar, doe, pheasant, ...).

What wine to serve with grilled red meat?

Fleshy and well-structured, the Pinot Noir d'Alsace " Rouge " offers its firm tannins to red meats and game. With steaks or entrecôtes, choose a Pinot Noir des Chasseurs de Lune or a Pinot Noir Rayon de Lune lightly wooded. With grilled red meats, the Pinot Noir Rosé, a fresh and fruity wine, will be the ideal ally to enjoy all the flavors of this dish.

Stronger, full-bodied meats such as game call for more tannic red wines. The Pinot Noir Exception, with its beautiful structure and its ripe and supple tannins will be perfect with lamb chops and other leg of lamb.

Red meat in sauce and Alsace wines

If you're serving a marinated red meat, such as beef bourguignon or beef stew with grapes, pair it with a Pinot Noir from Alsace. Its fruity aromas add freshness to the dish, while its strong tannins bring out the taste of beef.

And with raw meat?

With raw meat such as tartar or beef carpaccio, a fruity, lightly structured red wine should be served. And who says Alsatian red wineknown as Pinot Noir! Go for a Pinot Noir des Chasseurs de Lune. This wine with its fine and delicate tannins will accompany your dish wonderfully with its freshness and fruitiness.

Which wine with white meat?

A white meat such as chicken or veal offers a low-fat meat, more or less tender depending on the piece. Take into account the texture of the cooked part to propose a more or less juicy wine, in order to counterbalance the more drying aspect of certain parts.

For white meats, white wines are ideal, whandher they are dry or even sweander... but only under certain conditions.

What wine to serve with grilled white meat?

With a roast chicken, opt for a dry white wine and rather fresh with a nice acidity like the Riesling. A Cremant of AlsaceThis wine, full-bodied and fresh at the same time, with fine fruity notes, offers a festive alternative thanks to the delicate effervescence of its bubbles, in association with this roasted poultry.

If you are serving chicken or veal in a mushroom sauce, you can serve a white wine with complex and diversified aromas, oriented on hints of undergrowth, somandimes reminiscent of mushrooms, such as Pinot Gris.

Other suggestions for meat and wine pairings

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Enjoy your tasting with our selection of ideal wines to make your food and wine pairing a success!

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