Bestheim’s commitment to the future

The “Future Generations” charter and HVE 3 (high environmental value) certification

“As a major force in Alsace's wine industry, we bear certain responsibilities. We take these responsibilities very seriously, working day-in, day-out to produce the finest wines and Crémants d'Alsace with the utmost respect for Nature and People. Our goal is to strike the right balance, ensuring that our coop members and employees are fairly paid for their work while also satisfying our customers and taking care of the environment. ”

Pierre-Olivier BAFFREY, President of Bestheim

    In 2018, Bestheim’s board of directors took the decision to undertake the HVE (high environmental value) level 3 certification process, with the goal of achieving certification for all 428 winegrower members of the winery, whose vineyards cover more than 1350 hectares from the north to the south of Alsace. This choice underpins a CSR policy that has been implemented over several years through various initiatives defined in the Future Generations charter.

    Building our history together

    Because people are at the heart of everything we do,

    because we all have a role to play in shaping the future,

    because it is crucial to find the right balance which allows everybody to thrive,

    because building for the future together, with you, is one of our core values,

    because we appreciate the importance of well-being,

    because we are a responsible winery,

    we have chosen transparency by keeping you informed of our everyday commitments.

    Our initiatives for environmental protection and sustainable development

    Protecting biodiversity

    Our members, with the support of our winemaking experts, take a variety of measures to protect biodiversity: vineyards must be grassed over in every other row, treatments to prevent grass germination are banned on all of our Grand Cru estates...

    Pollution prevention

    Preventing pollution is a priority for our member winegrowers out in the field, as well as all of the staff working at the winery: developing organic practices and biological control; technical support and expert advice for members; sorting, recycling and reuse of waste at all of our facilities etc.

    Sustainable use of resources

    Bestheim has already implemented a raft of measures aimed at preserving our natural resources: solar panels for electricity production; wooden external frames for our buildings, allowing for better insulation and thus reducing energy consumption; use of technologies and materials which allow us to reduce water consumption, etc.


    Consumer protection

    We are totally committed to protecting our consumers and ensuring the traceability of our products. For more than a decade our production sites have been IFS Food certified (International Food Standard), an international quality standard for food products.


    Satisfying our consumers and customers. That starts with the warm welcome and personalised service you'll receive from the sales assistants in all of our stores. We are always keen to hear what our customers have to say about our products.

    The health and safety of our members and employees

    In order to protect the environment and look after everybody's health, we work with the major winemaking standards organisations to introduce alternative techniques which allow us to reduce our use of insecticides and other chemical products, substantially reducing the IFT (Treatment Frequency Index). We also call upon the services of an ergonomics expert in order to ensure that our employees are correctly and comfortably positioned at their work stations.

    The working conditions of our members and employees

    We place great importance on the quality of life at Bestheim. Our promise to our members and employees is that we will do everything in our power to ensure that we all work together in the best possible conditions, creating a peaceful and fulfilling professional environment.