Which wine to drink with a tartiflette ?
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Which wine to drink with a tartiflette ?

An essential dish of the winter season, the tartiflette is one of the favorite dishes of all food lovers. processed cheese. This convivial dish is composed of potatoes, onions, bacon and Reblochon cheese from Savoie. It goes perfectly with one of the Alsace wines from our region!

For the Alsatians (but also for all the others), the cheese can very well be replaced by a good Munster cheese from the Valley. The tartiflette is then transformed into a "munstiflette", just as delicious!

But then what wine to pair with a tartiflette or a munstiflette? We give you our selection of wines in this article.

What food and white wine pairing to use with a tartiflette?

The richness and the greediness of this dish call for serving a lively white wine with a nice acidity. Indeed, to counter the heaviness of the cheese and awaken your taste buds, serve a white wine with a great freshness and lightness.

Fresh, fruity, with a beautiful structure while maintaining a great freshness and minerality, a riesling or a Sylvaner from Alsace light will be able to marry marvelously with a tartiflette to raise the flavours and dazzle your guests!

Tartiflette is often made following the traditional Savoyard recipe with the addition of a glass of white wine. You can choose a different wine to serve your tartiflette as long as it is an Alsace wine! So choose a riesling or a Sylvaner des Chasseurs de Lunebut also for our "Blanc Bec" vintage (this dry white wine is a subtle blend of 3 Alsatian grape varieties: Sylvaner, riesling and Pinot Gris) to reveal all the flavors of your tartiflette.

What is the perfect pairing of red wine and tartiflette?

While cheese dishes are generally best paired with dry white wines (the most obvious food and wine pairing), tartiflette can also be paired with red wines. The presence of lardons facilitates this agreement. In this case, it is necessary to choose a fresh and light red wine without too many tannins. A light red wine, the Pinot Noir Alsatian grape variety is therefore very appropriate! Made from this grape variety, our Pinot Noir des Chasseurs de Lune will be the best ally of your tartiflette this winter!

Are you a fan of melted cheese? Discover our tips for food and wine pairing with fondue or raclette in our article on the subject.

Have a good tasting!

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