Bestheim shop in Kaysersberg

Bestheim, Kaysersberg.

20 Rue du Général de Gaulle
68240 Kaysersberg

Horaires de la cave de Kaysersberg

---- Our shop in Kaysersberg is currently closed ----

From April 1st to June 30th and from October 1st to November 30th :

Open from 10.30am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6.30pm.

Open from Wednesday to Sunday

From July 1st to September 30th:

Open from 10.30am to 13pm and from 2pm to 18.30pm

Open from Tuesday to Sunday

In December open 7/7

Annual closure in January.

Closing of shops on 25th and 26th December 2020 and 1st January 2021.

Thierry, Sales Director

What's your role in the Cave?

I'm Sales Director. I am in charge of monitoring key account customers and managing a team of 15 people (sales, sales administration and shops).

How long have you been working here?

I have been working at Bestheim for 3 years.

What is your favourite wine and why?

I like dry and racy wines. So my choice is Riesling Rebgarten, a dry wine with nice citrus notes, enhanced by a nice minerality in the finish. A great gastronomic wine.

Among the 4 values of the Cellar (audacity, freedom, courage, ambition) which one inspires you the most?

Difficult to answer this question and make a choice. We strive to defend all these values on a daily basis and for me, one doesn't go without the other. This is the DNA of Bestheim and the Moon Chasers.

An anecdote to share...

If there's one, it might be the fact that I was on prime time TV in the show Capital on M6, in December 2018. A show whose theme was gastronomic and festive products just before Christmas. Bestheim was highlighted for the quality of its Crémants - worthy of the greatest sparkling wines - and for the dynamism and innovation we demonstrate. This show boosted our sales on all distribution channels at once and it took the commitment of everyone, employees and members alike, to cope with this influx of orders. It has been a great human adventure.