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The Legacy of the Moon Chasers, the film from the Bestheim winery

We invite you to discover in pictures our new identity, the fruit of a rich and exciting history.

This 4-minute film retraces in pictures the history of the winery and its men, its values and its know-how: a well-documented content, enriched by a powerful and dreamlike staging.

"Tomorrow again, we will have to rebuild ourselves, reinvent ourselves, find new paths... as we have done in the past. Today more than ever, the spirit of solidarity and mutual aid which forges the values of cooperation and animates our cellar, must show its strength and allow us, with boldness and imagination, to overcome this new ordeal." Pierre-Olivier Baffrey, President of BESTHEIM

Through archive images, this film describes the history of the cellar and allows us to delve into its founding values. In 1946, the ravages of the war left the villages in ruins. The winegrowers of the village then decided to build a common winery and then to organize themselves into a cooperative. Considered as utopians and dreamers, they were called "Chasseurs de Lune" throughout the vineyard. One hell of a challenge thrown up to heaven! A magnificent prelude to the history of BESTHEIM.

The film highlights the legend and the courage of the Mondfangers, the famous "Moon Hunters" and reveals their identity. Winegrowers, oenologist, cellar master, cellarmen, employees. More than 450 Moon Hunters, 4 generations of hard workers, producers of a wine of character, gastronomic, sincere and rich of its terroir. Throughout the history of BESTHEIM, they have remained united, working in unison for decades.

Discover in pictures the DNA of the brand, attached to strong values: constant self-discipline, strict rules, responsible and committed cooperators turned towards the future but with their feet firmly planted on the ground. The film does not forget to pay homage to the majestic "Mother Nature", faithful companion of the Moon Hunters who allows BESTHEIM to give birth to frank, fragrant and elegant wines. Today, these wines continue to gain in excellence, ready to move the palate of consumers, whether novices or experts.

"The Moon Chasers open their doors to you. Welcome and enter into the legend "

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