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Bestheim is HVE 3 certified for 75% of its surfaces.

As part of a CSR (Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility) policy for many years, which focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development*, the Bestheim winery has reached a new level with more than 75% of its surface area certified High Environmental Value (HVE 3). More than 1,100 hectares of vines spread over 123 winegrowers are now certified.

Over the next two years, Bestheim will continue the HVE 3 audits in order to obtain the certification of additional vineyard areas, thus following the agenda that the winery has set itself, continuing the CSR project that is part of its DNA.

In order to achieve this, Bestheim will be able to rely on the commitment of all the member winegrowers who cultivate a total of 1500 hectares of vines, from the north to the south of Alsace, but also on the support of the winery's services, including a team of 6 people responsible for assisting the cooperators in the certification of their vineyards.

*These actions are listed exhaustively in the "Future Generations" charter available here.


As a reminder: The High Environmental Value (HVE) is an official recognition of the environmental performance of winegrowers and farmers. Level 3 of HVE certification - the highest level of this certification scheme - is based on performance obligations that cover the entire farm. They are measured by environmental performance indicators based on four flagship themes: biodiversity preservation, phytosanitary strategy, fertilisation management and water resource management.

Certification attests that the elements of biodiversity (hedges, grass strips, trees, etc.) are widely present on the farm and that the pressure of agricultural practices on the environment (air, climate, water, soil, biodiversity, landscapes) is reduced to a minimum. HVE is a label that therefore addresses viticulture but also takes into account the environment of the farm and invites the farmer to a more global agro-ecological reasoning on the whole of his estate.

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