Cuvées « Rayon de lune »: Alsace wines in blue bottles, a true piece of History
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Cuvées « Rayon de lune »: Alsace wines in blue bottles, a true piece of History

These cuvées in blue bottles are emblematic of our cellar. Discover the story of the “Moon Chasers" and the three cuvées in blue bottles composing this particular range.


The Moon Chasers: Committed winemakers, combining excellence and wisdom


Bestheim is the gathering of five major Alsatian cooperative cellars: Bennwihr, Westhalten, Obernai, Sigolsheim and Kientzheim-Kaysersberg. The villagers of Bennwihr, where our headquarters are located, have always been nicknamed the "Moon Chasers" (Mondfangers).

The moon has become more than an emblem – it is a true banner for Bestheim and at the heart of our moto "Who chases the moon harvests the sun". It sounds like the promise of a new and mysterious experience and reveals the extraordinary human adventure of bold ambitious men and their insatiable thirst for freedom.

Cuvées "Rayon de Lune" are presented in exclusive blue bottles and pay tribute to the commitment of these winemakers who carry on the heritage of their ancestors, transmitting loud and clear the values ??that made the history and the singularity of the Alsatian vineyard. Determined and unique, they have always assumed their differences to remain authentic and united, ready to face the constant evolution of the wine industry.


Faithful to the wisdom of the elders, they aim for excellence (seeking to "chase the moon") while remaining rooted in their terroir. The quality of their products proves that this approach, full of love and respect, is the right one.


Riesling « Rayon de Lune »

A magnificent white gold colour, crystal-clear and bathed in light. Fresh nose with prominent grapefruit notes. The Riesling's crisp, mineral character gradually comes to the fore, capturing the essence of the clay-limestone terroir. On the palate this is a classic Riesling, dry and distinguished. Vibrant citrus notes bring a sense of gastronomic vivacity to this charming wine. A perfect partner for fish and shellfish.


Pinot Gris « Rayon de Lune »

A resplendent golden robe. Fresh, crisp nose with rich undergrowth aromas and a delicious hint of hazelnut. Smooth and seductive, what impresses most about this wine is the precision of its aromas and the balance of freshness and substance on the palate. The Pinot Gris is allowed to reveal its characteristic opulence and array of flavours. Structured, well-rounded and long on the palate, with complex undergrowth notes and a certain subtle smokiness. Pinot Gris "Rayon de Lune" is a perfect match for pies and terrines, and also a great accompaniment for white meats. Try it with a classic blanquette de veau.


Gewurztraminer « Rayon de Lune »

A brilliant yellow robe with flashes of gold. The nose is dominated by spicy notes and rich exotic fruits (mango, lychee). The palate has all the richness one would expect from Gewurztraminer planted on hillsides, with just the right dose of sunshine to ensure vibrant fruit and a delicately rounded texture. That same balance of freshness and roundness persists throughout the long finish. Ideal with Asian cuisine, strong cheeses (Munster, Roquefort...), foie gras and desserts such as cherry clafoutis, yule logs or even kougelhopf as an aperitif.


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