What wine to drink with a summer salad?
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What wine to drink with a summer salad?

The sun is shining, flowers are beginning to bloom, temperatures are mild: there's no doubt about it, summer is just around the corner! This season is often synonymous with lightness and freshness, both on our plates and in our glasses. Summer salads, with their fresh, colorful ingredients, are making a comeback. But to enhance these light dishes, the choice of accompanying wine is essential.

Not sure which wine to choose to accompany your salad? Here's our selection of wines that will go perfectly with your summer salads.

The gourmet Caesar salad

It needs no introduction! Caesar salad, with its pieces of grilled chicken, crispy croutons and creamy dressing, needs a wine capable of complementing its richness while adding a touch of freshness. For this, a dry, mineral white wine is ideal. The Sylvaner Chasseurs de Lune with its perfect balance of acidity and subtle aromas, and the Riesling Rayon de Luneknown for its fine structure and elegant aromatic palette, is also a wise choice.

Thanks to their liveliness, these wines balance the greediness of the Caesar salad while providing a long finish.

The famous mozzarella tomato

To accompany the famous mozzarella tomato platter, where the freshness of mozzarella and tomato are in the spotlight, the Pinot Noir rosé from Chasseurs de Lune is a popular option. Its delicate color and and notes of red fruit perfectly complement the sweetness of the mozzarella and the acidity of the tomato, creating a harmonious taste balance. This light but expressive rosé wine is the perfect accompaniment to this classic summer salad!

Parma ham and melon combo

The combination of parma ham and melon is a summer classic that puts sweet and sour in the spotlight. To accompany this duo, a gourmet wine with pronounced like a Pinot Gris Grand Cru provides the roundness needed to envelop the salinity of the ham and the sweetness of the melon. Alternatively, a floral wine like Muscat des Chasseurs de LuneMuscat des Chasseurs de Lune, with its intense aromas and slightly musky character, perfectly matches the flavors of the dish, while providing a pleasant freshness on the palate.

Whichever salad you choose, the important thing is to find a wine that complements the dish's flavors without overpowering them.. The wines selected here are specially chosen for their ability to harmonize with summer salads.

On the terrace, at a picnic or simply chilled at home, let these wines accompany your freshest, tastiest salads!

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