Which wine to drink to celebrate Halloween?
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Which wine to drink to celebrate Halloween?

With the leaves falling and the pumpkins making a comeback, it's time to prepare a memorable Halloween party. Pumpkins are the stars of our autumn tables, whether as decorations or on our plates. In soup, baked or mashed, we will guide you through the best way to match food and wine.

Which wine goes with squash soup?

Squash soups are a must for autumn. They are rich, creamy and often spicy. To accompany them, opt for a crisp white wine that will balance the creamy texture of the soup. There are two obvious choices: Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg, with its refreshing aromas and a hint of minerality, or Gewurztraminer Chasseurs de Lune, whose spicy notes blend perfectly with the spices in your recipe. These wines will go wonderfully with your squash soups, bringing out their flavours and creaminess.

What wine should I serve with roasted squash?

Roast squash is a real autumn delight, with its blend of sweet and roasted flavours. To accompany these meaty, flavoursome dishes, a slightly tannic red wine isthe ideal choice. Rayon de Lune Pinot Noir, with its red fruit aromas and balance, is the perfect complement to the richness of the roasted squash. If you prefer smoky notes to enhance the roasted flavour, opt for a Pinot Gris Grand Cru Mambourg, whose fruitiness and subtle smoky notes will combine perfectly with the aromas of your dish.

Which wine goes with squash purée?

Squash purée is a comforting dish, evoking memories of childhood with its slightly sweet taste and soft, silky texture. There's nothing like a fruity red wine to bring out the best in this preparation. Chasseurs de Lune Pinot Noir, with its red fruit flavours and delicacy, is a perfect choice to accompany the squash purée. The aromas of this wine will enhance the sweetness of the squash, creating a harmony on the palate that will remind you of the best moments of your childhood.

When celebrating Halloween with squash dishes, don't forget the importance of the right wine pairing to complete the taste experience.

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