Bestheim & Fromagerie Fischer: delicate and surprising wine and cheese pairings
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Bestheim & Fromagerie Fischer: delicate and surprising wine and cheese pairings

That's it, the 2023 vintage has begun, and January brings new resolutions! Eat a balanced diet, take up sport (again), eat less sugar, fat and alcohol... Maybe you've tried the famous Dry January. To get the New Year off to a good start, Bestheim has teamed up with the Fromagerie Fischer in Beblenheim to offer you 9 original food and wine pairings to bring Alsace to your table!

White wines and strong cheeses

The flagship cheese of our region, Munster is a dish with character that needs to be paired with a rich, aromatic wine. Munster Blanc, young and fresh, goes wonderfully well with a Sylvaner, a frank wine with notes of white fruit. To accompany a raw milk Munster, prefer a powerful, spicy wine like our Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Zinnkoepflé.Le Vigneron, another local speciality developed by Maison Fischer, is a cheese made from a base of Munster that comes in a variety of recipes. The Vigneron with walnuts and its cousin with truffles go very well with a wine with floral aromas such as Gewurztraminer.

Pairing red wines with bloomy rind cheeses

The slight bitterness of cheeses such as Brie and Camembert is enhanced by fruity, subtly tannic red wines such as Pinot Noir from Alsace. To delight your taste buds, accompany an autumnal Brie with our Pinot Noir Exception. This powerful wine, with its intense aromas of red fruit, goes very well with the king of cheeses.
The Pinot Noir Impatient, with its tannic structure and aromatic persistence, can be enjoyed with a Fougerus or a Coulommiers.

Which wine goes with fresh or flowery cheeses?

Fresh cheeses include goat's cheeses such as Mothais, as well as spreadable cheeses such as Bibalakas, an Alsatian speciality. The king of the region's grape varieties, Riesling, with its freshness and minerality, is the perfect match for all types of goat's cheese. We particularly recommend the Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg with a piece of fresh goat's cheese. Bibalakas, meanwhile, will be sublimated by a mellow, heady wine such as Klevener de Heiligenstein.
Fans of fruity and floral combinations? We recommend the Tome aux Fleurs and our Pinot Gris des Chasseurs de Lune, a round wine with a fine balance between freshness and substance.

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