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Place of honour for Bestheim on a French TV channel !

The French television channel M6 focused the spotlight on our winery in their programme Capital on Sunday 16 December, 2018. 

This recognition is very welcome as it is concerns all of us.

Each day, our 450 coop members and 70 employees work hand to raise the profile of our wines and Crémants d’Alsace, and fly the flag for our beautiful region.

We are proud of the Bestheim winery, proud to be Alsatian, proud to be French, and proud to offer you, through these wines, a chance to share a dream, an adventure and freedom!

For those who would like to watch the story again, here is the link to the catch-up service:
Click here to watch it on catch-up!

Bestheim at 01:09:30 !!!

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Grand Prestige 2011
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