Which wine to drink with caviar ?
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Which wine to drink with caviar ?

Caviar is THE luxury food by excellence. And because it's not something you taste every day, or perhaps even once in a lifetime, there's no way you're going to miss out on the perfect food and wine pairing! Caviar is a gourmet food made from sturgeon eggs (the term caviar is reserved for sturgeon eggs only). There are several sturgeon families. Some of the best known are wild caviar: beluga, osciètre, sevruga, sterlet or sturio; and farmed caviar.

Which Alsace wines go perfectly with caviar? Discover our selection of wines to bring out the best in caviar, also known as "black gold", to reveal all its aromas and impress your guests. Which combinations are best? Here are our answers!

Try Crémant d'Alsace with caviar!

When we think of caviar, we often associate it with Champagne, because that's the first exceptional wine that comes to mind. Crémant d'Alsace is a perfect match for caviar. This sparkling wine will even make your neighbour from Champagne blush.

This sparkling wine should be very lightly dosed to combine perfectly with the iodine in the caviar. We recommend you opt for our Crémant Extra-Brut, for a lively, precise wine with a floral attack and an elegant finish.

An Alsace wine to go with caviar?

Caviar and dry white wine

If there's one white wine from Alsace that goes perfectly with caviar, it's Alsatian Riesling. This grape variety produces very fine dry wines that are aromatic, racy, elegant and powerful. Riesling is the perfect companion for iodised dishes!

Choose it very dry so as not to alter the flavours of the caviar. Our Riesling Exception is the perfect food and wine pairing: this exceptional cuvée is made for the noblest dishes.

Caviar and red wine

Red wine is not at all suitable for caviar. In fact, caviar has a very distinctive flavour and can only be enjoyed with perfectly dry, well-balanced white wines.

Looking for other pairings for delicious iodised dishes? Discover our advice on food and wine pairing with oysters and seafood. And for your food and wine pairings for the festive season, check out our advice on foie gras and salmon!

Bon appétit!

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