Gewurztraminer is an aromatic descendent of an old Alsace variety known as Traminer. Its name comes from the German word gewürz, meaning spicy.

Grown mainly on hillsides, Gewurztraminer is an early variety with a low yield. It belongs to the category of “noble” grape varieties, along with Riesling, Pinot Gris and Muscat. It usually has a high alcohol content, sometimes as much as 14% ABV or more, combined with a relatively low level of acidity.

With a very distinctive character, it produces one of the most aromatic white wines: superb, ample and full-bodied, sometimes with hints of leather, smoke or liquorice.

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    Small, loose, truncated-cone shaped bunches
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    Small, round, three-lobed leaves
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    Pink to light red grapes
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    Complex and exotic
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    Limestone or clay soil

A variety principally grown in Alsace

The particularly aromatic Gewurztraminer grape was introduced to Alsace in the mid-16th century. In France, this variety is principally grown in Alsace, where it represents a little more than 20% of the wine-growing region. Gewurztraminer has had Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée status since 1962.

DRAWING ITS POWER from the terroir

The Gewurtzraminer variety produces very good sweet and dessert wines. It excels itself in the exceptional Grand Cru terroirs, which enhance its direct nature and very strong personality. It is used to craft a number of superb Grand Cru and Vendanges Tardives wines.

A marriage of flavours

Due to its aromatic richness, power and robust character, Gewurztraminer is a perfect match for dishes with strong flavours. Hot and spicy cuisine makes an ideal partner for this intense and full-bodied wine.

From aperitif through to dessert, it can accompany even the boldest dishes. World cuisine from Asia, the Far East or Mexico can only be enhanced when paired with a glass of fine Gewurztraminer. This wine also goes extremely well with “strong” cheeses like Munster, and apricot, pineapple or caramel based desserts.

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AOC Alsace
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