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Focus on Pinot Blanc: balance and power

Also known as Klevner in Alsatian, Pinot Blanc is a generous Alsace wine with superb character. History, tasting, food and wine pairing, the Bestheim selection: everything you need to know about crowd-pleasing Alsace Pinot Blanc!


Pinot Blanc in Alsace: history and presentation

Alsace Pinot Blanc is one of the region’s few blended wines. It is crafted from Pinot Blanc, a variety originally from Burgundy that arrived in Alsace in the late Middle Ages, and Pinot Auxerrois, a variety from Lorraine more recently established in the region (since 1950).

The development of Crémant d’Alsace, a recognised appellation since the 1970s, has been mirrored by that of the Pinot Blanc and Pinot Auxerrois varieties in Alsace. For these two varieties are used to craft Crémant d'Alsace, and they now occupy more than 21% of the Alsace wine-growing region compared to 11% in 1969. Pinot Auxerrois is the third most-cultivated grape variety in the Alsace region, after Riesling and Gewurztraminer.


Tasting: a highly popular white Alsace wine.

Although the varieties used in the Pinot Blanc blend offer a high yield, that does not mean that they are lacking in quality. Quite the contrary! In fact, its freshness, body and suppleness give it unique personality, which compares very favourably to some Rieslings. In some cases, it even outstrips them!

Alsace Pinot Blanc is usually very pale and beautifully clear. It has a fresh nose, rich without exuberance, with aromas of peach, apricot, even citrus, and a hint of white flowers. On the palate, Alsace Pinot Blanc offers spicy notes and a degree of acidity. This beautifully-balanced white wine is both tender and powerful.


Pairing: what can you enjoy Pinot Blanc with? 

Do you feel like a seafood platter? Pinot Blanc is a perfect match for oysters, clams, spider crabs, sea urchins, winkles and other delights of the sea. Charming and delicate, it goes extremely well with white meats, particularly in sauce, for example veal blanquette. It pairs well with asparagus, and with most fish and poultry.


But staying true to its origins and terroir, Pinot Blanc is also a first-class accompaniment for two star dishes of Alsatian gourmet cuisine: the unforgettable tarte flambée and, of course, the delicious onion tart. And you will not be disappointed if you match Pinot Blanc with unpasteurised Munster cheese.

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