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EVENT Hopla by Bestheim!

Hopla by Bestheim is a new range on the market, a collection of 5 wines and Crémants d'Alsace presented in an original, innovative format: an invitation to (re)discover the Alsatian art of living.

This range represents a fun, accessible introduction to the wines of Alsace, with 5 wines that are easy to taste, understand and enjoy – a new approach to the wines of our region, while remaining true to Alsace's rich tradition of winemaking excellence.

A collection that will take you from the beginning to the end of a meal!

Bestheim offers a new range designed to accompany ever stage of a good meal:

  • Le Brut (Crémant): fizzy freshness for your aperitif, with notes of white flowers and summer fruits
  • Le Blanc Sec: a hint of minerality and fruity freshness to go with a starter or seafood
  • Le Rouge Charpenté: a strong personality tamed by mellow notes for the main course and cheese
  • Le Blanc Moelleux: tropical, spicy notes with hints of sweetness
  • Le Rosé (Crémant): aromas of raspberry and cherry to continue your feast

A colourful range designed by Bretzel Airlines

These shrink-sleeved bottles, breaking with traditional packaging, are the work of Strasbourg designers Bretzel Airlines, who are well-known for reinterpreting the symbols of Alsatian culture. To mark this special occasion, they have created packaging that is both fun and modern, giving this new range a striking and resolutely Alsatian character.

Recognisable by their midnight blue colour, which is shared by all five bottles and is also the Bestheim brand’s signature shade, each one also has its own dominant, eye-catching colour to match its content and to help differentiate between the five wines.

For this “one-stop” tasting solution, the winery also sells the collection in a carefully designed box.

An immersive concept thanks to the explanatory videos filmed with Nicolas Rieffel.

The Hopla by Bestheim concept conceals a number of secrets that are gradually revealed as the bottles are handled and the various elements that make up the packaging are discovered. And for total immersion, you are invited to continue the experience… Each bottle has its own QR code. When scanned with a smart phone, it directs you to a video featuring Nicolas Rieffel, former Masterchef contestant and now a presenter on Alsace 20. He heads to the top tourist landmarks in Alsace to shed light on the history of each cuvée, with his talents as a Sommelier and gourmet provocateur.

With Hopla by Bestheim,

Surprise your guests,

And enjoy a unique experience!

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