A healthy alternative to alcohol: the de-alcoholized wine drink
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A healthy alternative to alcohol: the de-alcoholized wine drink

At Bestheim, this year promises to be a bold one: sober wine pleasure, we had to think of it. Our desire to satisfy every palate has inspired us to create a unique beverage, to be enjoyed without moderation.

Are you looking for a festive, alcohol-free alternative? Would you like to consume healthier products, or raise a glass without restraint? Bestheim's Chasseurs de Lune have pushed back the boundaries to bring you a new range of refreshing alcohol-free drinks.

With this new range of de-alcoholized wine drinksenjoy a light-hearted celebration, with no limits!

Celebrate differently, without feeling guilty, with alcohol-free sparkling beverages.

Made from grapes, this wine is de-alcoholized using a vacuum distillation technique, then enriched with natural aromas to preserve the essence and character of each grape variety.

The pleasure of an authentic wine without the constraints of alcohol: we say yes!

To be enjoyed chilled on your sunny terrace, or at the family table, every moment becomes an excuse to indulge yourself without moderation.

Lhe Zero Limitrange combines the taste and festive appeal of a good glass of wine, with the healthy, no-holds-barred composition of a non-alcoholic beverage. Whether you prefer white or rosé, a glass of Zero Limit accompanies your precious moments, so you can savor every second!

Alcohol-free Zero Limit, a natural, planet-friendly drink

In addition to being good for your health, our beverages No Limit alcohol-free range are also environmentally friendly. Their production has been designed to leave a minimal carbon footprint.

We are proud to offer you a sparkling sparkling wine produced in Bordeaux in a minimalist bottle, without wirehoods or caps, which are the most difficult elements to recycle in the wine industry. Little waste and limited transport, for guilt-free enjoyment!

A unique tasting experience, served well-chilled

For a special event or simply to share a moment with friends, any occasion is a good one for bringing out a good bottle of drink non-alcoholic beverage. To bring out its aromas, serve chilled (between 6 and 8°C) and let yourself be surprised by its unique flavors and delicate bubbles.

For a touch of originality, mix it with your favorite juices, syrups or fruits for a sparkling alcohol-free cocktail and refreshing.

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