New gastronomic cuvee: Sylvaner Exception
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New gastronomic cuvee: Sylvaner Exception

Bestheim Presents its New Gastronomic Cuvee: Sylvaner Exception

Bestheim, an ambitious and dynamic Alsace winery, unveils a new excellence cuvee: Sylvaner Exception. Renowned for the excellence of its wines and Crémants, this creation embodies the culmination of a subtle marriage between wood and concrete, offering wine enthusiasts an unprecedented sensory experience.

Rigorous Parcel Selection

The genesis of Sylvaner Exception lies in meticulous grape selection from over 2 hectares of Sylvaner vines nestled on the limestone hill of Strangenberg in Westhalten. These parcels were carefully chosen not only for the exceptional quality of their grapes but also for the virtuous practices of the owner winemakers.

Soil maintenance is carried out mechanically, eschewing the use of chemicals in favor of environmentally friendly methods. Furthermore, the presence of natural elements such as trees and hedges promotes biodiversity, creating an ecosystem conducive to dispensing with insecticides. These elements also act as natural screens, protecting the vines from climatic vagaries and thus contributing to the uniqueness of this wine.

Hybrid Vinification

After meticulous harvesting, the Sylvaner Exception cuvee underwent hybrid vinification. Half of the grapes were vinified and aged in ovoid concrete tanks, while the other half benefited from aging in demi-muids for 10 months. This innovative approach, based on micro-vinification, showcases Bestheim's expertise and cellar craftsmanship.

Sylvaner Exception thus embodies the harmonious alliance of rigorous selection, environmentally friendly practices, and original vinification. This bold approach elevates this cuvee to the rank of exception in the world of Alsace wines, offering connoisseurs a unique gustatory experience imbued with authenticity and refinement.

Bestheim continues to make its mark in the wine world by offering excellent wines, demonstrating its commitment to preserving nature and respecting raw materials. Sylvaner Exception stands as a new gastronomic reference, ready to seduce the most discerning palates and accompany the most precious moments.

Food and Wine Pairing: Sylvaner Exception pairs perfectly with dishes featuring delicate fish, seafood, or refined poultry, bringing freshness and elegance to each tasting.

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