Launch of the Balade Olfactive gift set
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Launch of the Balade Olfactive gift set

Bestheim unveils an exceptional new cuvée

After the successful launch in 2020 of the cuvée "Qui chasse la Lune, Récolte le soleil", Bestheim is repeating the experience by erecting its Crémant Grand Prestige on the highest summits, to reach for the Moon, in the image of the "Chasseurs de Lune", the ancestors and founders of the winery.

 This cuvée was born in 2013 under a very lucky star. Conceived as a great wine from the Strangenberg limestone plateau, cellar master Christophe Adam and his assistant Paul Andres worked with it until it reached maturity. This is a fine vintage with a creamy texture and a crystalline palate that has now reached its peak. It has been resting for over 9 years on laths before disgorging, to refine the quintessence of Pinot Blanc and achieve excellence.


A unique immersive experience

The "Balade Olfactive" box is the fruit of a new collaboration between Bestheim and the Strasbourg perfume house Serena Galini. After a deep immersion in the terroir and numerous tasting sessions, Serena Galini deciphered the predominant notes emanating from the Strangenberg, a limestone hill overlooking the Vallée Noble, a place of breathtaking beauty and richness.

The result is a five-stage experience, a delicate olfactory sequence that instantly transports us to the land that gave life to these exceptional grapes. The journey begins with "Dry Earth" and ends with the final stage of the journey, "Crémant Aromas", which reveals a rich, complex bouquet, tinged with toasty, buttery notes.

The box contains a bottle of Crémant d'Alsace 2013, 5 numbered perfume vials, strips of test paper and a tasting notebook.

Tasting notes

  • EYE: Intense yellow colour with golden highlights.
  • NOSE: The long ageing of this cuvée gives it a powerful aromatic bouquet, with a beautiful complexity, tinged with notes of yellow-fleshed fruit, accompanied by a grilled smokiness and hints of spice.
  • PALATE: The liveliness of the Crémant is present and melts into the wine, giving way to buttery, toasty notes, enhanced by delicate aromas of white peach.

The 1050 boxes available will go on sale in Bestheim boutiques and a limited number of other outlets from November 8, 2023. All bottles are numbered.

The retail price of this boxed set is €89 including VAT.

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