Exceptional bottles Pinot Noir Exception

A Pinot Noir cloaked in a robe of silky tannins...

Between 14° and 16°
Pinot noir
75 cl

Getting to know the Pinot Noir Exception

Tasting notes

Sublime ruby-red colour, delicate and crystal-clear. Intense wild cherry notes in the first nose, becoming more complex as the wines breathes. Hints of pepper, violet and subtle toasted aromas, inherited from the oak after many months of maturing in Burgundy barrels. Occasional flashes of cocoa and wild strawberry. Great density of flavour. Bold opening, followed by a stunning mid-palate with all the elegance and precision of French lace. Ripe, velvety-smooth tannins which caress the palate and pave the way for the grand finale, a long-lasting halo just crying out for the right food-wine pairing. A wonderful mature wine, at once complex and eminently approachable.

Food-wine pairings

A marvellous companion for the best cuts of red meat, for example a side of beef, faux-filet or duck breast. Just as good with rich, stewed meats (beef bourguignon, jugged venison) and mature cheeses.

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