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NOT YOUR AVERAGE FAMILY HISTORY Heirs to a long tradition

No, we don't have a story to tell you about how our family has been making wine for generations... We have many stories to tell, because we have many families!

Bestheim represents the collective history of several dynasties of winemakers, a wealth of expertise passed down from generation to generation. A legacy which has spanned the centuries, giving us the elegant, refined wines we know and love today.

United around our shared facilities, forming an alliance of seventy-one different winemaking villages, Bestheim's member winegrowers all bring 100% of their harvest to the winery. Together they abide by an exacting quality policy, tending their vines with extravagant care in order to obtain grapes of optimal maturity, ready to produce wines of extraordinary character and charm.


The Art of Wine since 1765...

Maison Heim was a family wine merchant established in Westhalten in 1765. Since then, like any good story, the winery has evolved and changed with the times. Maison Heim eventually joined forces with the Cave de Westhalten, then the Cave de Bennwihr, creating the BESTHEIM brand in 1997. Ours is a history shaped by generations of men and women who shared the same values. Passionate winemakers driven by respect for the earth and for our terroirs, dedication to the quality of our wines and Crémants d'Alsace, and a sense of duty to our people and our vines. The winemakers of Bestheim have joined forces to create a modern winery, a technologically-advanced facility which allows them to get the very best from their grapes. This winery is the heart of our operation, and it has evolved over the years to ensure that future generations are fully-equipped to maintain our tradition of excellence: from the vine to the glass.




Each village in Alsace has its own rich history. The headquarters of Maison Bestheim are located in Bennwihr. This village is home to the famous "Mondfangers," the "moon chasers."

People who have always dreamed bigger, higher, further... a nickname handed down from the mists of time.

Chasing the moon, chasing an impossible dream... Hardy souls prepared to stray from the beaten track... Armed with audacity, courage and tenacity, they have always proudly defended their liberty. After the terrible winter of 1944, when Bennwihr was the theatre of fierce fighting, they rebuilt the village from the ashes.

Before even rebuilding their own houses, the winemakers of this "martyred village" decided to build a cooperative winery. The cooperative was officially founded in 1946, making and selling the village's wines as a team. Solidarity, sharing and audacity are Bestheim's founding values.

"They call us the "Mondfangers", and we're proud of it. We're proud of our village, and its traditions of audacity and liberty. Above all we're proud of our ancestors, who elevated the wines of Bennwihr to the level of excellence we inherited. "Mondfanger"?

Now more than ever.

" René Amann, Winemaker and former president of the Bennwihr winery, 1984

PASSION IS OUR HERITAGE A thousand vibrant colours


PASSION IS OUR HERITAGE A thousand vibrant colours

Bestheim is a big extended family of winemakers, all driven by the same passion for their work. Our grapes come from over thirteen thousand individual plots of vines - from Barr in the north to Wuenheim in the south - but each and every plot benefits year-in, year-out from the passionate attention to detail of our member winemakers.

The astonishing patchwork of plots which make up the Alsace wine region has sculpted this magnificent landscape, a riot of colours worthy of an Impressionist painting. Bestheim draws upon these countless individual stories, weaving them together to create wines of indelible character.