Wines from our terroirs Pinot Gris Strangenberg

A gem from the dry slopes of Strangenberg!

Between 8° and 10°C
Pinot gris
75 cl

Getting to know the Pinot Gris Strangenberg

Strangenberg is a lieu-dit located within the commune of Westhalten. The soils here are predominantly limestone, facing south-south-west. The grapes planted here ripen beautifully, yielding famously rich wines.

Tasting notes

Fills the glass with its pale yellow robe, with flashes of gold. The nose is delicate and complex, with an enticing blend of fig and dried fruit notes. The same classic Pinot Gris aromas dominate the palate. This is a wine of great distinction, which will get better with age. Time serves to amplify the wine's remarkable structure and balance, and a mature Strangenberg is a thing of regal beauty.

Food-wine pairings

Match this distinguished Pinot Gris with white meats, vol-au-vents and veal blanquette. Also delicious with fish dumplings in creamy sauce.

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