Wines from our terroirs Riesling Rebgarten

Our secret garden...

Between 8° and 10°C
75 cl

Getting to know the Riesling Rebgarten

Rebgarten is a little vineyard tended with loving care (hence its name, the "wine garden"), just on the outskirts of Bennwihr. Facing directly south, with soils composed primarily of granite sands, Rebgarten is planted primarily with Riesling. Sheltered from the prevailing winds, the "garden" receives sample sunlight which allows the grapes to reach peak maturity. This perfect synergy between climate and soil makes Rebgarten a terroir which produces excellent wines vintage after vintage.

Tasting notes

A light golden colour and an elegant, complex bouquet. Lively citrus aromas chime harmoniously with the fresh mineral notes. Buttery aromas add depth to the wine's complex aromatic profile. Distinguished and quintessentially Riesling in its flavours, with admirable maturity and a bold yet balanced acidity.

Food-wine pairings

Lively and refined, Riesling Rebgarten will make a perfect partner for shellfish, frogs, snails, choucroute or poultry dishes.

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