Vins Bio Pinot Gris "Fourmidable" AB

The sweet memory of a walk in the forest!

Between 8° and 10°C
Pinot gris
75 cl

Getting to know the Pinot Gris d'Alsace "Fourmidable"

Our "Fourmidable" cuvées are made from grapes produced from organic viticulture. They pay homage to the work of ant carried out at each stage of their elaboration. The 4 ants of the label also symbolize the 4 origins of today's Bestheim (Bennwihr, Westhalten, Barr and Kaysersberg Vignoble), built step by step around a common ambition: to satisfy the expectations of our customers including a point of Environmental view.

Tasting notes

The dress is of a deep yellow supported with golden reflections. The nose is very open and very expressive typical of the small grain Pinot Gris. It has aromas of apricot and honey as well as characteristic smoky notes. In the mouth, the attack is ample, rich with a generous final, very round and balanced.

Food-wine pairings

It will be the perfect companion to your aperitifs and brunches but it will also be perfect in combination with white meats or poultry in sauce. Generous and ample, it will reveal a perfect harmony with dishes composed of mushrooms (chanterelles, porcini mushrooms or truffles).

And what if... Succumb to the temptation of an unexpected encounter...