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Strawberry season is upon us !

Our homegrown Alsace strawberries have arrived on market stalls!

To make the most of them, discover which wine is an ideal match for this delicious springtime fruit… In sorbets, fruit salads or tarts, and even in savoury recipes, the fragrant and delicately tangy strawberry is universally popular.

But which wine should we serve with strawberries?

Generally speaking, you should opt for light, fragrant white wines, fairly young as their simplicity and spontaneity are a perfect match for the strawberry’s aromatic intensity.

  • With a bowl of fresh strawberries or a light tartlet, we recommend a dry, fruit-filled Crémant like Le Rosé from the Hopla collection. 100% Pinot Noir, it is distinctive for its well-mastered sweetness, which enhances the strawberries’ aroma while giving balance to their slight acidity.
  • For a strawberry fruit salad (with mint or rhubarb, for example), the fresh crispness of Muscat is an ideal partner. Taking a sip of Bestheim’s Muscat Classic 2017 is like biting into a fresh grape!
  • Sweeter recipes like strawberry pavlova pair well with rounded wines, such as a sparkling Muscat like Ice Concept by Bestheim, which is particularly crisp and fruity.
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