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The ultimate recipe for asparagus verrines

In this episode, coop member Arnaud Bohrer shows you how to make delicious verrines with two varieties of asparagus. An ideal recipe to kick off the season, shared by a professional chef (our coop members have more than one string to their bow)!

The ideal match? A Bestheim Muscat Classic, of course!




COOKING UP A STORM with Bestheim

Welcome to our new culinary mini-series, Cooking up a Storm!

After the 10 episodes of Life at the Winery, this new series helps you to take charge in the kitchen!

Nicolas Rieffel, our favourite gourmet provocateur has suggested a few tips to our Bestheim coop members and staff. Throughout the year, they will come and reveal their top recipes and favourite dishes… and will suggest the best wine to pair with them.

Starters, main courses, desserts… there will be something for everyone!

...MORE! Here is the list of our asparagus-farming coop members:

Asperges FRICK (GUNDOLSHEIM – 68):

Muriel and Bertrand Frick sell their delicious fresh asparagus, jars of sweet-and-sour asparagus, a variety of salads and a wide range of local farm produce (ham, wine, oil, eggs, rhubarb, etc.) in their shop in Gundolsheim… as well as some of our Bestheim wines! For information (addresses, times, etc.) visit their Facebook page “Asperges Frick”.


Asperges d'Alsace FLEITH (HOUSSEN, COLMAR – 68):

Find out all about their two sales outlets in Houssen and Colmar/Wettolsheim (next to the Vecchia Romagna Pizzeria) on their Facebook page “Asperges d'Alsace Fleith”. It will also give you all the information you need about opening times, season dates, etc.

Watch the episodes of Cooking up a Storm with Bestheim on our YouTube channel and on Facebook, and visit the News section of our website,, for details of recipes after each episode is released. 

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