What to eat with a Muscat d'Alsace ?
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What to eat with a Muscat d'Alsace ?

TheMuscat is a very aromatic grape variety giving fresh and fruity wines that do not leave indifferent. In Alsace, Muscat can have several olfactory facets depending on the type of grape variety used, the origin of the grapes, the vinification method, etc. TheMuscat des Chasseurs de Lune is a wine made from the Muscat à petits grains and Muscat Ottonel. It is a dry white wine, resolutely gastronomic, which can accompany your meals as an aperitif, with the starter, during the main course or with the dessert.

But then what to serve with a white wine like Muscat d'Alsace? We give you our advices for food and wine pairing in this article.

Serve Muscat as an aperitif

It is true that it is not the wine that one would think of first and yet! Muscat is THE wine that will perfectly accompany your aperitifs.With its fruity and crunchy attack, it opens the appetite for the rest of the meal and will go very well with your appetizers, canapés, puff pastries or small raw vegetables.

TheMuscat des Chasseurs de Lune is a fine and elegant wine, with a natural liveliness thatleaves the palate untouched as an aperitif and then moves on to the first stages of the gastronomic journey.

Accompany the meal with a glass of Muscat

The Muscat is the perfect wine to accompany asparagus. When spring comes, it will be the companion of choice for this dish!

It will also accompany with subtlety grilled fish such as monkfish, sea bass, cod or sea bream. Its naturalness enhances light cooking with cooked or raw vegetables: steamed dishes, vegetarian dishes or young shoots.

Muscat and dessert pairing

For sweet and greedy agreements, prefer a sparkling Muscat as our ICE Concept vintage,A modern semi-dry sparkling wine made from Muscat grapes, designed to be consumed over ice (in a large glass, with three ice cubes). A touch of fun to finish the meal! This sparkling winewill go very well with fresh desserts such as a lemon or lime sorbet, or with a delicious strawberry and rhubarb crumble. *

Enjoy your meal!

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