Bestheim & Thierry Mulhaupt : wine & chocolate pairing under the sign of exoticism
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Bestheim & Thierry Mulhaupt : wine & chocolate pairing under the sign of exoticism

As Easter approaches, the winery has joined forces with theAlsatian chocolate maker Thierry Mulhaupt to offer you a original wine & chocolate pairing with exotic notes !

Because if chocolate is inseparable from the notion of pleasure and greed, pairing it with the best possible wine multiplies the tasting experience. After a tasting session in the rules of the art, we have selected the best possible match: theColombia Chocolate 65% Antioquia & the Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Zinnkoepflé,

An association that inspires travel and exoticism, around cocoa beans of Colombian origin, with notes of citrus and dried fruit and the Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Zinnkoepfléwith notes of exotic fruits and pineapple.

The perfect match


  • Taste profile

A brilliant golden color with bright reflections dresses this Alsace wine with an exotic expression of citrus and coriander. On the palate, the structure is supple, soft and light, with nuances of rose water and persistent on elegant bitters.

  • vinification

Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks, followed by maturation on fine lees. The wine is then bottled before waiting a minimum of one year for marketing.

  • Terroir & origins

Thehillside of Zinnkoepflé is a unique limestone terroir with a Mediterranean microclimate, south/south-east exposure and calcareous sandstone soil. This terroir is classified as a Grand Cru and produces wines with a high bouquet, spicy and full of power. It is also the Grand Cru constituting the roof of the Alsatian vineyard culminating at 431 m of altitude.


  • Taste profile

Nicely cocoaed and very fruity with a nice acidity, citrus notes, dried fruits. Sweet and elegant bitterness.

  • Elaboration

Grinded and conched with a granite millstone, THIERRY MULHAUPT offers you through its selection of cocoa beans, chocolates sublimated by a work of a very particular attention. The House is today part of the handful of French craftsmen who elaborate their own chocolate from the cocoa bean thus mastering each stage of the transformation of the beans into chocolate.

  • Terroir & origins

The department of Antioquia in Colombia takes its name from its first capital, founded in 1541: Antioquia, or Santa Fé de Antioquia. Magnificent cocoa region of the northwest. Variety of beans: Trinitarios.

How to taste them? Our advice for an optimal tasting!

Like wine, chocolate tasting calls upon our 5 senses. Did you know that the ideal temperature for chocolate tasting is 20 degrees? At the same time, we often tend to put white wines in the fridge... Well, make an exception for this tasting by leaving your bottle of Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Zinnkoepflé at room temperature (ideally 14-18°) !!! The agreement will be sublimated !

Have a good trip! Enjoy, disfruten, profit!

--->To discover the creations of Thierry Mulhaupt more in details, go to his website by clicking here.

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