What wine to drink with pizza?
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What wine to drink with pizza?

Pairing wine and pizza is not an easy task, all the more so because of the multitude of toppings that can be added. What Alsatian wine and food pairing should you choose? The choice of wine depends on the content of your pizza! Here are our suggestions: we give you our best food and wine pairings with some of the most famous recipes of Italian cuisine.

Which wine for a margherita pizza?

The pizza margherita (or margarita pizza) is the traditional Italian pizza. It is composed of tomato sauce, mozzarella and aromatic herbs. For this pizza, it will be necessary to choose a wine that matches the main element of this dish, namely the tomato sauce. A light red wineA wine with a good acidity and fine tannins will be perfectly adapted to enhance the aromas. We advise you to serve aPinot Noir of the Moon Hunters for a perfect match with your pizza!

Alsace wine and four cheese pizza

The Italian cheeses that usually make up this pizza are Mozzarella, Provolone, Gorgonzola and Parmiggiano (or parmesan cheese cheese cheese). Sometimes it is replaced by Emmental cheese. For this dish, it is essential to serve a wine that will go perfectly with the melted cheese.

The white wines are strongly recommended in this case. The acidity of the white wine will not only match the texture of the cheese, but will also cut through the fat and provide a nice persistence in the finish. Thus, a dry white wine as thePinot Blanc or theRiesling of the Moon Hunters will be the ideal ally to enjoy the flavors of your pizza!

Alsace wines and seafood pizza

This famous Italian dish is also available in a seafood version. Shrimp, squid, mussels, can also be combined with the tomato and cheese of the pizza! In this case, it is preferable to combine light red wines like Pinot Noir or even a rosé wine. The Pink of the Moon HuntersA light and fruity wine will also do very well.

And with the queen pizza?

The queen pizza (pizza royale or pizza Regina for the Italians) is one of the most complete versions, combining tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms and mozzarella. If you like this last version, serve it with a light red wine or a chilled rosé. We recommend serving our Pinot Noir des Chasseurs or a Pink of the Moon Hunters, which are ideal with this Italian dish.

Have a good tasting by following our food and wine pairing for pizzas!

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