Refreshing as the early morning dew!
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Refreshing as the early morning dew!

With the return of the sun and the heat of summer, the restaurant terraces and the moments of relaxation in perspective, the moment is favourable to bring out the light dresses and the aromatic palettes of our Alsatian rosés!

Summer vibes!

With their new packaging for the on-trade circuit (CHR, cavistes, boutiques, e-boutique), paying homage to the history of the "Chasseurs de Lune", whether with or without bubbles, it is time to make room for summer rosés on our tables.

Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, the color of BESTHEIM rosés does not seek a standard or an ideal. Each year, it adapts, sometimes more pink, sometimes more salmon-colored, it is the reflection of the vintage, of the work of the "Chasseurs de Lune" on their terroir and of the accompaniment of each cuvée in our cellars by passionate wine experts and oenologists.

Thus, in the palette of BESTHEIM rosés, there are 3 vintages, 3 styles, 3 stories, 3 companies that are offered to you.

The Rosé of the Moon Hunters

This is the typical Alsatian rosé, at the crossroads of current consumer trends. It can be drunk chilled as an accompaniment to your cold dishes or summer brunches. A farfalle salad with salmon and pink berries, some tarama toasts, a cold Japanese-style rosbeef, a salmon/carrot/radish/strawberry summer bowl or a simple raw vegetable salad.

The weather is nice, the sun is present in your plate and in your hearts, so the Rosé des Chasseurs de Lune will be perfect company. For the trick, look for color associations! Often fish and even meat with pink flesh will go well with your pink wines.

The Crémant Brut Rosé

The vintage of the reunion with the summer par excellence! Welcome the colors and the freshness. As well allied to your aperitifs, often elegantly adorned with a few fresh raspberries or red currants (for a touch of pep color), this Crémant Brut, dosed at 8 grams of residual sugar, will make your pupils sparkle as much as your taste buds! With its aromas of strawberries and raspberries, subtly seductive, it will exalt the palate of those who come to taste it. To open the senses during your aperitif, it will also sublimate your red fruit desserts such as raspberry mille-feuilles, red fruit soups or strawberry macaroons...

The Crémant Grand Prestige Rosé

Subtle and delicate, here is a racy cuvée, witness of its vintage and issued from the most beautiful limestone parcels of Bestheim, where the Pinot Noir finds the necessary balance for the elaboration of the most gastronomic cuvées.

Because yes, the bubbles, made fine and delicate by a long time of maturation on laths in our cellars of the Noble Valley, can also accompany you at table. Often concentrated on the moment of the aperitif or the celebrations, there are Crémants d'Alsace which one entrusts, with audacity to the more original gastronomic associations. Thus, this "Grand Prestige" cuvée will surprise you with the spicy flavors of a beef tartar, with a salmon or tuna sashimi dish with tender flesh, or with sea bream with paprika and rosemary, the delicate effervescence also contributing to exalt the aromas. And why not on a duck tartar with raspberries (see here Emmanuel STEMPER's recipe).

So are you more of a bubbly rosé, a rosé without bubbles, a deep rosé, a light rosé, a powdered rosé, a terrace rosé, a rosé on a white tablecloth...?

The "Moon Hunters" wish you a great summer!

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