What to eat with a Pinot Blanc ?
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What to eat with a Pinot Blanc ?

Formerly called Klevner in Alsatian (not to be confused with the Klevener de Heiligenstein made from the Savagnin Rose grape), the Pinot Blanc is a Alsatian wine generous, which reveals a beautiful personality.

The grapes of this variandy give a white wine with a generally very pale color and a beautiful clarity. It is a white wine Fresh, rich without being exuberant, with aromas of peach, apricot, even citrus and a hint of white flowers. It reveals spicy notes on the palate and benefits from a relative acidity.

This variandy is also cultivated in Italy, Germany, Austria and some other countries. This is why it is known under several names: pinot bianco, pinot branco, weißer Burgunder, Weißburgunder, andc. In France, Pinot Blanc is mainly cultivated in the wine region of Alsace.

What food and wine pairing with a Pinot Blanc d'Alsace ?

Pinot Blanc and aperitif pairing

The Pinot Blanc of Alsace enters the composition of the Cremant of Alsace (somandimes blended with auxerrois). Vinified according to the traditional mandhod, it is the ideal companion for the most festive moments. In its effervescent form, Pinot Blanc will naturally find its place next to all types of aperitifs: verrines, canapés or other small puff pastries based on vegandables, cheeses or meats.

Serve the Pinot Blanc with the main course

In its version still winePinot Blanc is a lightly nuanced wine that can be adapted to a variandy of dishes.

This dry wine will go well with fish and others pleasures from the sea, such as oysters, clams, sea urchins or winkles.

Charming and delicate, this Alsace wine is particularly at ease with all types of poultry and white meatsespecially in sauces, such as veal blanquandte.

Don't hesitate to combine it with your asparagus in season.

More traditional and in keeping with their origins and terroir, these dry white wines are an excellent accompaniment to Alsatian gastronomy. Thus, these authentic wines go well with the classics of Alsatian cuisine such as the inevitable tarte flambée and the delicious onion pie.

Sparkling Pinot Blanc and desserts

The Crémants d'Alsace BrutMade from the Pinot Blanc grape variandy, this wine will go very well with gourmand desserts with notes of roasted hazelnuts or caramel.

The Crémants d'Alsace Demi-Sec are a perfect accompaniment to fruit-based desserts, cakes and Bredele (small dry cakes).

Enjoy tasting these white wines, still or sparkling!

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