What to eat with a Pinot Gris ?
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What to eat with a Pinot Gris ?

The Pinot Gris d'Alsace is a traditional grape variety, with an incredible aromatic richness. Previously called "tokay-pinot-gris" and "tokay d'Alsace", this white wine is one of the four "noble grape varieties" of Alsace, along with rieslingthe Gewurztraminer and the Muscat.

The finesse and distinction of pinot gris make it a great wine of gastronomywith a nose and mouth reminiscent of honey or candied fruits.

But then,to serve with a Pinot Gris? What food and wine pairing how to make with this white wine from Alsace ?

Serve Pinot Gris as an aperitif

this Alsatian wine knows how to be discreet but still presents a great aromatic complexity. It will seduce you as an aperitif thanks to its balance and freshness!

To accompany a cheese or charcuterie platterIf you prefer to drink it in its classic and less sweet form, in the Alsace appellation. Dry white wine, the Pinot Gris des Chasseurs de Lune(AOC Alsace) is then the perfect match on your aperitif table.

Pinot Gris with the main course

This white wine from Alsace with its golden yellow color will go perfectly with regional dishes like the traditional Alsatian baeckehoffe.

It will be the ideal companion of pies and terrines. This dry wine from Alsace also goes very well with white meats and fish in sauce whose aromas it will magnify.

In Alsace Grand Cru, a Grand Cru Zinnkoepflé harmonizes wonderfully with a pan-fried foie grasor with dried fruit desserts (berawecka).

Pinot Gris and desserts

The creaminess of crème brûlée or custard, vanilla or caramel custards, will be perfectly matched with a sweet wine as the Pinot Gris Late Harvest. The silky and unctuous attack of this wine is supported by an acid structure that balances greediness and finesse.

Have a good tasting!

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