Our Crémants d'Alsace Rosé
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Our Crémants d'Alsace Rosé

The Crémants d'Alsace are the jewels of our range. Whether white or rosé, there is always a Crémant to accompany your tasting moments. For an effervescence with notes of red fruits, choose the Crémants d'Alsace Rosés.

Produced in our production site in Westhalten, these sparkling wines come from parcel selections, from precise delimited areas. They are carefully elaborated by our oenologist. Discover these sparkling winesand the Food and wine pairing that we offer you!

Crémant Brut Rosé : Tradition and Authenticity

A Crémant elaborated in the respect of the Alsatian tradition which distinguishes itself by the accuracy of its aromas, subtly seductive, exalting the palate of those who will come to taste it.

This Crémant is vinified in stainless steel tanks with a short maceration of the grapes. An alcoholic fermentation follows according to the traditional method. The latter consists of a second fermentation in the bottle following the addition of a liqueur de tirage (a solution of wine, sugar and yeast) at the time of disgorgement. Then follows a Aged on laths for at least 1 year before its commercialization.

TastingSuperb cordon and foam at the same time fine and crunchy which perfectly matches with its intense pink dress. This sparkling wine has a fruity nose of strawberry, raspberry and cherry, typical of the Pinot Noir grape variety. You will find in mouth a greedy sensation with a beautiful balance thanks to its subtle dosage.

Food and wine pairingAs an aperitif or with red fruit desserts.

Discover the Crémant Brut Rosé.

Crémant Grand Prestige Rosé : Finesse and Excellence

this Crémant Grand Prestige Rosé is an haute-couture vintage, resolutely gastronomic. It is vinified in stainless steel tanks and is exclusively made from the Pinot Noir. This great sparkling wine owes its color and its aromas to a subtle blend of pressed and bled rosé. It is elaborated according to the traditional method with a second fermentation in the bottle. It is patiently raised for a minimum of 18 months in our cellars to reach its optimal maturity before being marketed.

TastingIts bubble is fine and elegant. Its color is greedy: purplish pink, enhanced by blackcurrant reflections. The first nose is fruity on cherry and raspberry. It evolves with finesse on notes of black cherries and develops notes of raspberry jam and a slightly brioche-like touch.

In the mouth, its attack is fine and delicate. The mid-palate is fleshy and vinous, very "Pinot Noir". It finishes with a greedy kirsch and delicate tannic finish.

Food and wine pairingCrémant gastronomic, delicate, of great finesse, to be served as an aperitif, with a beef carpaccio or fish tartar but also with a fine red fruit tart.

Discover the Crémant Grand Prestige Rosé Vintage 2018.

The bold Crémants d'Alsace

Crémant " LE ROSÉ " HOPLA by Bestheim

It is distinguished by its finesse and elegance that will charm the guests of your festive moments. An explosion of bubbles guaranteed!

This Crémant is part of a original collection of 5 wines and Crémants d'Alsace to (re)discover the Alsatian art of living. This range offers accessible and playful keys to the world of Alsace wines. "Le Rosé" is a sparkling wine produced exclusively from Pinot Noirone of the seven grape varieties of Alsace.

TastingLe Rosé : Its intense pink color is outlined around a superb cordon of fine elegant bubbles. "Le Rosé" has a fruity nose with notes of raspberry, redcurrant and morello cherry. In the mouth, the attack is round and balanced, with a fine acidity enhancing the notes present on the nose.

Food and wine pairing: As an aperitif, with salty or sweet bites.

Discover the Crémant d'Alsace " Le Rosé " HOPLA by Bestheim.

Cremant Rosé ICE by Bestheim

The ICE by Bestheim" range discover a new way of drinking effervescence: to be served in large glasses with a few ice cubes. The Cremant ICE Rosé is produced exclusively from Pinot Noir and follows the rules of the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) Crémant.

TastingA beautiful pink color with fine bubbles lets express a light perfume of yuzu and beautiful notes of raspberry and strawberry. The mouth is round, ample and long. The attack of this sparkling rosé is delicate and presents greedy flavors of cherry and black currant.

Food and wine pairingFor your aperitifs with ice cubes or as an accompaniment to red fruit desserts.

Discover the Cremant Rosé ICE by Bestheim.

If you want to know more about the elaboration of Crémants and Rosés of Alsace, we invite you to discover our article on the subject.

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