Which wine for oysters and seafood?
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Which wine for oysters and seafood?

With which wines should seafood be associated? Here is our selection of food and wine pairings to taste them!

What perfect pairing between wine and oysters?

Oysters require acidity to enhance the iodine they contain, and therefore a sharp wine. A very dry Riesling d'Alsace is one of the best wines for your oyster tasting. You can opt for our Riesling Classic or "Le Blanc Sec" from the HOPLA by Bestheim range.

If you wish to associate bubbles to your oysters, choose a good Crémant d'Alsace Extra Brut. This tasty sparkling wine will make your guests' taste buds sparkle with pleasure.

With oysters more marked by iodine and fatter, opt for the minerality of a pure and straight Riesling Grand Cru, such as the Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg.

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