What to eat with a Gewurztraminer ?
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What to eat with a Gewurztraminer ?

The wide range of Alsace wines can be paired with almost any dish. There will always be a Alsatian wine to satisfy your taste buds and those of your guests at the table. This could not be truer than for the Gewurztramineran emblematic grape variety of the Alsatian vineyard.

The Gewurztraminer is part of the noble grape varieties alongside Riesling, Pinot Gris and Muscat. It will find its place throughout the meal creating the most delicious food and wine pairings. Which food and wine pairing allows this variety?

Gewurztraminer as an aperitif

With its aromatic richness, its fruity power, the Gewurztraminer goes very well with your sweet and sour appetizers.

This Alsatian wine is most often vinified with roundness, resulting in a smooth white wine. Its notes of rose, lychee and spices combine wonderfully with the spicy flavors of Asia, Latin America or elsewhere.

So don't hesitate to combine it with any kind of tapas as an appetizer: spicy shrimp skewers, tortillas and guacamole or codfish accras.

The Gewurztraminer to be served as an aperitif: the Gewurztraminer Classic of course!

Gewurztraminer - meal pairing

Whether in entrance or with the main courseGewurztraminer will have its place at the table! If you like the Alsatian cuisineServe it with a nice onion tart, a tarte flambée au gratin or with a fondue vigneronne.

And if you are a fan of exotic cuisine (Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine, etc.), don't hesitate: this is the Gewurztraminer that you need! With grilled poultry with curry, wok and rice noodles, a platter of spring rolls, the aromas of Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Furstentum will meet your expectations.

And let's not forget wine and cheese pairing! Gewurztraminer is a nice accompaniment to aromatic cheeses such as Munster, Maroilles or all blue or blue-veined cheeses like Roquefort. Opt for a Gewurztraminer Altenbourg or the finesse of the Roemerberg.

Which dessert with a Gewurztraminer ?

And to finish the meal in beauty, please yourself with Gewurztraminer "LE BLANC MOELLEUX " Hopla by Bestheim or a Late HarvestIt can be used with macaroons, fruit desserts, sorbets or chocolate mousses.

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