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Which wine to drink with crepes?

It's Candlemas!

Did you know that? This "celebration of candles" is the heir to the festivities of fertility, which in ancient times greeted the lengthening of spring and the return of light. The crepes, blond and round, are the image of the reborn sun!

Now, the question everyone is asking is: Which bottle to uncork to have a good gastronomic moment?

With a complete savoury galette

Galettes are a Breton speciality. The most classic recipe is the complete galette, topped with eggs, grated emmental cheese and ham. The dough is made from buckwheat flour - the buckwheat that gives the pancake a more typical and rustic taste than wheat and a crispy consistency. Dry white wines will be good partners for the pancake, round and fresh at the same time, just like our Riesling Classic! The texture of the buckwheat galette, less thin than the ones made of wheat flour, also goes well with greedy Pinot Noirs, like our Pinot Noir Exception.

For the other savoury galettes: it all depends on the filling!

Savoury galettes can be garnished in many ways, sometimes departing from the Breton gastronomic tradition. For the pairing, we will take into account the garnish. Cooked apple matched with blood sausage? Choose an aromatic Pinot Gris such as our Pinot Gris Strangenberg, which will echo the sweet, caramelised side of the apple. With a seafood topping, many dry white wines will be suitable, from Sylvaner Classic to Riesling Rebgarten to Pinot Blanc Classic. What if you add goat cheese to the galette? The Klevener from Heiligenstein should make a good partner.

With sweet crepes

Made of wheat flour, the crepe is topped with butter and sugar, jam, honey and lemon, rum... More refined, the suzette crepe is topped with an orange butter, citrus and Grand Marnier. As a pairing, a sweet white wine will be perfect. We bet on the Riesling Vendanges Tardives! And of course, if you like fine bubbles, the Crémant Brut Premium will be perfect with chocolate-coated crepes and a handful of fresh raspberries...

We can't wait any longer... Let's eat!!!

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Pinot Gris Strangenberg
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Klevener de Heiligenstein
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