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"The" recipe of hot oysters in sabayon with Crémant d'Alsace

For the last opus of our web serie, we have been concocted a festive meal for you! Always tastefully funny, Nicolas Rieffel and his acolytes show you how to make hot oysters in sabayon of Crémant d'Alsace. And when you find the President and Chief Executive Officer behind the stove, it’s just as delicious... to watch!

The ideal food and wine pairing? Undoubtedly, the Crémant "Grand Prestige". The creaminess of its mousse, its fine bubbles, its vivacity and its delicate aromas of raspberries, dried fruit and brioche underline the refinement of this starter.


"Le Pied dans le Plat" is a 10-episode culinary web-serie proposed by Bestheim.

Nicolas RIEFFEL – our favorite #stronomic agitator – welcomes our Bestheim co-operators and employees in his kitchen!

Throughout the year, they will come to deliver you their favourite recipes, their most liked dishes... and will advise you their  best food and wine pairing!

Starters, dishes, desserts... there will be something for everyone!

Follow the episodes of "Le Pied dans le Plat" by Bestheim on our Youtube channel, on Facebook and find the details of the recipes as the episodes appear on our website, News section!
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Grand Prestige 2011
AOC Crémant d'Alsace