Should you get a wine cabinet?
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Should you get a wine cabinet?

Wine cabinets are increasingly popular and have become far more accessible. Before you choose, it is important to assess your requirements; we can help you to get a clearer picture.



A wine cabinet is an investment, so it is important to be certain you need one before taking the step.

You will find the purchase useful if any of the following reasons apply to you:

  • You are a wine-lover, enthusiast or connoisseur, and you would like to keep your wine in the best possible conditions.
  • You don’t have a cellar, or any other place where the conditions for storing wine are ideal.
  • You have acquired some premium bottles, young Grands Crus that must be kept with great care to ensure the right conditions for ageing.
  • You do not buy wine simply because the opportunity arises and with the intention of drinking it soon, but with a view to letting it age.
  • You would like to have several bottles to hand at the right temperature for tasting evenings: a wine service cabinet would be welcome.

It is very rare that the conditions in a wine cellar are perfect enough to make a wine cabinet redundant. A wine cabinet therefore often rapidly becomes a necessity.



From the simplest of coolers to a custom-built cabinet, there are many different models on the market at widely varying prices. How can you be sure to choose the one that suits you? These following are points to consider.


For wine to keep well, it must be stored at a stable temperature (between 10°C and 14°C) and the right level of humidity (between 55 and 80%). Furthermore, the wine should be protected from light, stored in a well-ventilated area and above all, for long ageing (more than 5 years), there should be a total absence of vibration. Most wine cabinets on the market have these characteristics, apart from a wine service cabinet of course – but there are also combined models that include a storage compartment.

Your choice will naturally also be determined by the number of bottles to be stored. Remember to anticipate the future to avoid having to make another investment too soon.


The design is also an important consideration in your quest for the ideal wine cabinet! You can choose between a glass door to display your bottles in your kitchen or dining room, or a solid door for a wine cabinet situated in your garage (which is also more suitable for long-term storage of your most valuable bottles). And of course, the appearance of the cabinet is a determining factor: there is a huge choice between wood, steel, vintage, contemporary, etc.

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