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Have you heard of Alsace rosé?

Although the Alsace wine-making region is essentially famous for its whites, such as Riesling or Gewurztraminer, the terroir also offers some unique rosés – including rosé Crémants. Let us tell you more.


How are Alsace rosés crafted?

You might be tempted to think that rosé is made from white and red grapes pressed together, and that this combination then gives the wine its colour. But in fact, as with red wines, rosé is made from black grapes only!

Alsace rosés are made with a single variety: Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is of course used to craft the varietal wine, with its darker colour; pronounced aromas and robust structure. But it is indeed the same base for both wines.

To produce an Alsace rosé, however, the maceration time must be reduced compared to the requirement for Pinot Noir. The much shorter maceration time for Alsace rosé gives the wine its specific characteristics, making it very different from Pinot Noir


Alsace rosé: what is it?

Light and refreshing, Alsace rosé is first and foremost a wine that should be drunk young. Very aromatic, with notes of red fruit, its ideal serving temperature is 8°C. Its fresh and joyful character make it a perfect summer wine, to be enjoyed at a café terrace or shared with friends and family on festive occasions.

Alsace rosé is a natural partner to your appetisers, mixed salads, and even grilled meats.


Rosé Crémant d’Alsace: entertain with bubbles!

Have you heard of rosé Crémant d’Alsace, even more festive than Alsace rosé?

Our Crémant Brut Rosé, with its crisp, delicate froth, is guaranteed to make your parties and aperitifs go with a swing. Are you looking for a more exacting rosé Crémant d’Alsace? Taste our Crémant Grand Prestige Brut Rosé Vintage 2016: this sparkling wine with remarkable length has been crafted to extremely high standards by our oenologists to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Furthermore, the 2014 cuvée received the “World’s best Sparkling wine” accolade in 2016.


The Hopla by Bestheim rosé Crémant, the star of the collection, offers a harmony of raspberry, redcurrant and cherry notes that will enchant your nose as well as your palate. With its well-balanced bouquet and delicate acidity, this quality sparkling wine is perfect for parties, aperitifs and those special moments in your life.


In our ICE by Bestheim range, we chosen a rosé Crémant that is even more fun and refreshing: Crémant ICE Rosé by Bestheim. This demi-sec sparkling wine, with notes of ripe raspberries and strawberries, is round, ample and long on the palate. Its singularity? It should be savoured with a few ice cubes in a large glass

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