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DISCOVER Red Alsace Wines

Although Alsace whites and Crémantsare the most well-known wines from our terroir, the reds are also popular. This unique range can hold its head up high amongst its illustrious counterparts. Explanations and tasting


Pinot Noir, the grape variety of red Alsace wines

Pinot Noir is a very ancient variety that is found not only in our region, but also prominently in Burgundy. It is the only red grape variety permitted in Alsace.

Historically, Alsace reds were highly prized since the Middle Ages before suffering a steady decline, and represented just 2% of the Alsace winegrowing region in 1969. But today, it’s back in force: 10% of the Alsace wine-growing area is now planted to Pinot Noir.

The renewed popularity of this very distinctive variety is linked to an increasingly high-quality output; in the 1960s Pinot Noir was often a watered-down, weak and light wine, without great personality. Today, Alsace reds has regained its prestige thanks to some very committed winegrowers who produce wines with a more assertive structure.


Red wines worthy of recognition

Alsace reds are therefore well placed, but for the moment suffer from a small handicap: none of these wines have Grand Cru status, even when they come from a classified plot.

Pinot Noir is not a competitor to Burgundy wines (which are made from the same grape variety as the Alsace reds), but it can claim a unique identity and character. Furthermore, a number of winegrowers and estates have joined an initiative to gain recognition for Alsace red wines. The issue of allowing Pinots Noirs to be called Alsace Grand Cru wines is once more on the table, and should be watched closely.


Alsace red wine types and tasting

Alsace red wines now have great personality, and are both full-bodied and full of fruit. They can vary from a deep, dark red in colour, to subtle garnet glints. The nose offers distinctive aromas of black fruit and berries such as blackberries, blackcurrants and cherries, with occasional surprising notes of leather, even of vanilla and prune.

On the palate, Alsace red wines reveal the full power of the terroir, enhancing the bouquet of fruit aromas. Well-balanced and with great length, these wines are given structure by their ample, silky tannins.

Alsace reds are a perfect match for fine cuts of red meat such as prime rib of beef, and duck breast. And don’t hesitate to serve them with stews or boeuf bourguignon, too.


Whether you already know them or not, Alsace Reds are offering exciting new horizons! Discover our rich range of Pinot Noirs and give it pride of place at your table.

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