The legend of the Mondfangers

and the Bestheim Moon Chasers

Bestheim is a winemaking cooperative, resulting from successive mergers of 5 Alsace wineries: Bennwihr, Westhalten, Obernai, Sigolsheim and Kientzheim-Kaysersberg.

Every village in Alsace has its own rich past. The history of Bestheim started in the village of Bennwihr, the stronghold of the famous Moon Chasers (Mondfangers in Alsatian). These determined, independent and bold individuals have raised the bar of their ambitions ever higher. Their nickname, the origin of which has been lost in the mists of time, now designates all those who have joined the winery and adhere to its vision.

Their dream? To reach for the moon and create Alsace wines and Crémants that they can be proud of. Their wines, authentic, sincere and true to the terroir, offer an exciting sensory experience.

    Those who today go by the name of Moon Chasers continue ancestral traditions, proudly upholding the values that forged the history and individuality of their forebears in the Alsace wine-making region.

    They have always stood together, even when faced with the hardships generated by historical events, with determination and originality. At all times they have embraced their difference, giving their adventure an aura of legend. This has given rise to a true, unique and authentic local tradition, to which each generation has brought their own perspective.

    The Bestheim project "Who chases the moon, reaps the sun"

    Like Bennwihr, the Moon Chasers’ historic birthplace, the wineries of Obernai, Sigolsheim, Westhalten and Kientzheim have through their talent, know-how and principles, joined this very select group. These new ambassadors for the Bestheim brand enhance the excellence and specific identity of each terroir.

    Bestheim preserves the spirit of the Moon Chasers: the sun and the moon join forces and the miracle of the vine’s cycle continues day after day in an exquisite alchemy. Bestheim drives this unique undertaking forward with its authentic, prestigious and distinctive products.

    “Chasing the moon to harvest pure sunshine” is a motto that also defines the programmatic aspect of the development strategy for the Bestheim brand for the coming years. Today, the legend of the Moon Chasers is interpreted by Bestheim, for the present and the future.