A light and simple alsace wine

A typical Alsace wine, characteristic of its terroir, Sylvaner is an emblematic grape variety of the Alsace region. Remarkably light and refreshing, with subtle fruit flavours, Sylvaner can also pack a zesty punch.

Sylvaner is an elegant pale yellow in colour, underpinned by a racy and distinctive nose with vegetal and floral notes such as acacia and white flowers, and even citrus aromas, the precursors of great freshness on the palate. Its lightness and balance on the palate and pleasant mouth-feel make it a highly popular wine. Sylvaner can be kept for up to 3 years, sometimes more if it comes from premium plots.

  • reassurance-vignerons28 pt
    Dense, medium-sized cylindrical bunch
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    Smooth or slightly bullate orbicular leaf
  • icon-baies
    Round, green grape marked with brown spots
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    Fresh and delicate
  • icon-cailloutis
    Clay and limestone soil

An undervalued variety

Originally from Austria, the Sylvaner variety was introduced to Alsace at the end of the 18th century. For a very long time, it represented nearly one third of the Alsace wine-growing area and gave high yields. Wines made from this variety had little aroma, were refreshing but without any real character.

From the 1970s Sylvaner was no longer much planted, and today represents only 8% of the Alsace wine-growing region. Since the early 2000s, Sylvaner has slowly but surely returned in low-yield plots, with a higher quality output. Sylvaner still has some surprises in store.

A quest for authenticity in the Alsace terroir

Sylvaner, an emblematic grape variety of the Alsace terroir, offers us fairly dry white wines that are spirited yet light. Although its use is permitted in Zotzenberg Grand Cru wines, AOC Sylvaner is mainly found under the Alsace appellation.

Ideal for family cooking

As every family in Alsace knows, Sylvaner is the perfect companion for a good, traditional sauerkraut. What’s more, it’s customary here to cook sauerkraut with this light, dry wine, and then to serve the same wine with the meal.

But Sylvaner has more than one trick up its sleeve: paired with seafood its freshness is delightful, and a real treat for the taste buds. Sylvaner complements pies particularly well, especially when they are made using meat marinated in Sylvaner. Other starters, such as cold meats, can be enjoyed with Sylvaner, not to mention the traditional Alsace tarte flambée.

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