Pinot Gris


The incredibly aromatic and rich Pinot Gris is a traditional grape variety. It is one of the four “cépages nobles”, or premium grape varieties. Its finesse and elegance make it a superb accompaniment to haute cuisine.

Pinot Gris can be subtle, but nonetheless offers great aromatic complexity with characteristic smoky notes and generous aromas of dried fruit and nuts, apricots, honey and gingerbread. Its balance and freshness cannot fail to appeal!

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    Small round and compact cluster
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    Thick dark green and orbicular
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    Round pink/greyish blue berry
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    Smoked, dried fruits
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    Clay and limestone soil

A variety with multiple names

Pinot Gris has had a chaotic history, to judge by the numerous names it has been given over the centuries…   Called Grauer Tokayer in the mid-14th century, Pinot Gris then successively went by the names of Tokay Gris, Tokay d’Alsace Tokay Pinot Gris and finally, since 1 April 2007, Pinot Gris.

This variety caught the attention of Alsace winegrowers, and has been cultivated here since the 17th century. Today it represents more than 15% of the entire area planted to vines in Alsace.

A SWEET WINE hat gives full expression to its aromas

Pinot Gris is used to produce sweet, mellow wines, but its fragrant aromas are also perfect for dessert wines made with late-ripened or botrytised grapes, such as Vendanges Tardives and Sélections de Grains Nobles.

The partner of traditional cuisine

Pinot Gris is a variety with a wide aromatic aroma, a wider mouth and a lot of perfume. It will be the ideal companion for pies and terrines. It will also go well with beautiful cream food (white meats, fish in sauce) or a more traditional cuisine with the Alsatian baeckeoffe. It can also be found alongside a fresh pan-fried foie gras or a risotto with morels.

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Pinot Gris
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Pinot Gris
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