Grand Cru Mambourg

red soil

On the high ground above Sigolsheim, Mambourg is a 61.85-hectare Cru stretching for over 1.3km along the slopes. This location ensures a perfect dose of sunshine. The magnesium-rich limestone soils include a scattering of limestone deposits and marlstone.

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    Magnesium-rich limestone
  • icone-hectares
    62 ha
  • icon-montagne
    210 to 350 m
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    South south-east

Abundance of wines for laying down

This terroir is particularly well-suited to Gewurztraminer, but Pinot Gris, Muscat and Riesling also flourish here. Although not yet officially recognised by the rules of the Grand Cru Mambourg appellation, Pinot Noir vines planted in these soils yield wines of exceptional power.

The yields here are generally low, producing wines of supreme quality.

A terroir through the lens of history

The first written reference to the wines of "Sigoltesberg" (now known as Mambourg) dates back to 783, and this Cru was highly-prized by the aristocrats and monks who owned it over the years.

Exceptional wines

Grand Cru Mambourg produces distinctive, harmonious wines which age beautifully. They are renowned for their elegance, aromatic finesse and subtle power, delivering a great length of flavour on the palate.