Exceptional bottles Pinot Noir "Les Chanteaux"

Deep and structured

Between 14° and 16°
Pinot noir
75 cl

GETTING TO KNOW THE Pinot Noir "Les Chanteaux"

This cuvée is produced exclusively from the only Alsatian red grape variety: Pinot Noir.

The grapes are harvested on our most beautiful hillsides of Pinot Noir, then this wine benefit of a slight aging of 12 months in french oak barrels, to create a gourmet harmony between the fruit of Pinot Noir and the woody side of the barrel .

Tasting notes

The cuvée "Les Chanteaux" has an intense ruby color. Its nose is expressive with notes of red fruits and cherries that match very well with the subtly woody and vanilla aromas brought by the barrels. On the palate, the attack is frank and we find this balance where woody and fruity notes express themselves. The finish is wide and ends with light and silky tannins.

A gourmet and structured wine, to drink now or in the next 4 years.

Food-wine pairings

To be served with simmered red meats or hard aged cheese.

"Les Chanteaux" are the last two small pieces constituting the barrel facade. Without Les Chanteaux, the barrel could not exist ! The small details are very often at the origin of great wines...

And what if... Succumb to the temptation of an unexpected encounter...