Exceptional bottles Pinot Noir "L'Impatient"

Powerful and profound

Between 14° and 16°
Pinot noir
75 cl

Getting to know the Pinot Noir "L'Impatient"

Tasting notes

L'Impatient catches the eye with its deep, dense, garnet-red colour, hinting at the richness and maturity of the grapes from which it came. Wild cherry and even hints of prune in the nose, overlaid with a dash of vanilla. The terroir comes reveals it full strength of character on the palate, dominated by the same dark fruit aromas as the nose. Full-bodied structure and an exceptional aromatic persistence. The tannins are ripe yet velvety-smooth, testament to the perfect phenolic maturity of the grapes. Produced in very limited quantities (3000 bottles), this Pinot Noir is a delicious Alsatian rarity.

Food-wine pairings

Delicious with game, stewed meats (beef bourguignon, jugged venison) and mature cheeses.

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