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Crémant d’Alsace "LE ROSÉ"

It's party time!

75 cl



Between 7 and 9°C
Pinot noir

"HOPLA by Bestheim" is a new collection of 5 wines and Crémants d'Alsace presented in an original, innovative format: an invitation to (re)discover the Alsatian art of living. This range represents a fun, accessible introduction to the wines of Alsace, with 5 wines that are easy to taste, understand and enjoy - a new approach to the wines of our region, while remaining true to Alsace's rich tradition of winemaking excellence.

The low-down

An explosion of raspberry and cherry aromas to get the party started! An exuberant pink colour and fine, elegant bubbles. The nose is a riot of fruity notes, with raspberry, redcurrant and wild cherry joining forces to form a seductive bouquet. Rounded and well-balanced on the palate, with subtle acidity and vibrant fruit flavours (raspberry, cherry) making this sparkling rosé a real knock-out.

Food-wine pairings

A natural aperitif, this rosé is a great match for sweet and savoury canapés such as lumpfish caviar or raspberry macaroons. The perfect way to kick off your festivities!

... the next chapter...

Discover the unique personality of each wine, with sommelier and gastronomic agitator Nicolas Rieffel . And don't miss the ALL-IN-ONE box set "HOPLA by Bestheim" (in stores now), containing the board game to go with these mini-videos. The answers to the questions which make up the game can all be found in the videos... so get tasting!

... the next chapter...

Let Nicolas Rieffel - former Masterchef contestant, now a presenter on Alsace 20, as well as an expert sommelier and all-round gastronomic agitator - explain the story behind each of these wines, with the help of some of Alsace's most iconic tourist destinations…

rosé petite


Serve with finger food for an elegant brunch or evening reception... LE ROSÉ is an ideal match for sushi and sweet treats!

rosé grande
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