Classic Muscat

75 cl


Getting to know the Muscat Classic

Between 8° and 10°C

This wine is produced in a handful of different terroirs located at the head of the Westhalten Valley. The soils are predominantly limestone with a sprinkling of Loess, facing south-south-east. The terroir is also remarkably dry, receiving less annual rainfall than Montpellier!

Tasting notes

A fine, light golden colour and a powerful yet refined bouquet, dominated by Muscat notes and a dash of orange blossom. A crisp, fruity opening on the palate, backed by a great roundness of flavour. Astonishing length of flavour, with all of the finesse one would expect from a great Alsace Muscat. An endlessly indulgent wine. Taking a sip of Muscat is like biting into a fresh grape. It is also the trickiest grape variety for a winemaker to master, as it takes considerable expertise to capture those delicate, subtle aromas.

Food-wine pairings

Simply divine with asparagus, and just as good with other dishes based around raw or steamed vegetables. Vegetarians and fans of light cuisine: look no further.

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