Classic Sylvaner

Between 8° and 10°C
75 cl

Getting to know the Sylvaner Classic

The wines in the Classic range are made with grapes which satisfy strict quality criteria, following rigorous selection by our oenologists during the harvest. The aim is to craft quintessential Alsace wines, worthy ambassadors of our great terroir. Sylvaner is one of the Alsace region's most iconic grape varieties. Remarkably light and refreshing, with subtle fruit flavours, Sylvaner can also pack a zesty punch. 

Tasting notes

Elegant, pale yellow colour and a distinguished bouquet, dominated by floral aromas which hint at the fresh flavours to come. On the palate, the Sylvaner's distinctive character comes to the fore. Dry, light, smooth and well-balanced.

Food-wine pairings

An ideal match for starters, summer salads, tarts and quiches, and every bit as good with Alsatian choucroute, seafood and shellfish.

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